Ebbs and Tides, or how I get distracted

administrative, adventures in gaming, Process Writing

As you might well know, this site goes through periods of activity and inactivity as my attention is focused elsewhere.

If you’re curious about where I’ve been writing lately, you can take a look at the Critical Hit website. I co-directed the program this summer, which I think is a nice trajectory. I participated in Critical Hit 2013, helped to run the program for 2014, and this year was one of the three co-directors for it. Pretty neat!

Anyhow, you should now expect a period of activity as I try to make a habit of writing about my work and specifically, the design work that I am doing for my PhD with my primary supervisor, Dr. Rilla Khaled. Yes, I’ve just started a PhD to become a Doctor of Video Games! I thought that this would be a good home for writing about that.

You might also be interested in checking out what kind of feedback my games over at Tweed Couch have been getting – check that out here!