Cadences: The Story of a Distance and Its Pair


Cadences: The Story of a Distance and Its Pair is an asymmetrical storytelling game for two.

Together, players create the story of a relationship’s life, from the moment of its conception until the moment it ends. Maybe your Pair will be a cashier and a customer, a parent and child, two members of a five-person polycule, best friends, or even mortal enemies*.

*Enemies to lovers? Enemies to lovers!

In Cadences, there are two roles for the players: The Distance and The Pair.

The Distance is ever-shifting and mysterious. Playing The Distance means seeking to find words and metaphors to describe something abstract and mutable.

The Pair is human and flawed. Playing The Pair means playing a grounding, concrete role in contrast to the metaphorical and amorphous nature of the Distance.

[Designer/Writer/Creative Director]

Listen to an actual play of Cadences, or pick up a copy of your own!